The Stullnographer: a breakdown

I’ve been living in Hong Kong and working all over Asia since February 2014, so I figure it was about time to start a blog.  I love writing and making people laugh, and I’d like to think I have a pretty unique life so I want to share it all!  However, I’m not sure what the tone or main focus of this blog is going to be yet.  I can’t write too specifically about my job, but I can talk generally about where I am and what each job expects of me.  I also can tell you about all the food I eat, obviously, and all the trials and tribulations that go into traveling alone with what feels like a million pounds of steno crap and navigating foreign countries where I don’t speak a word of the language!

A little about me for those who do not know, I am a court reporter and have been since 2008.  I sit and type on a magical machine called a steno machine, taking down every word that’s said in a deposition, arbitration, or in a trial in a courtroom.  You’ve probably seen someone like me in a movie or TV show at some point, no doubt looking incredibly fake.  We don’t place our steno machines on top of the table and type away letter by letter or have paper in our machines.  We’re portrayed on TV like we probably looked in the 1960s!  So that’s me.

About five years ago I met my STENO IDOL, who has become one of my very best friends, Jade King.  I started steno-stalking-fan-girling her, messaging her asking her dumb questions and probably annoying her a whole lot 🙂 A year later or so, her company needed an editor in Hong Kong as they were short on people and she knew how eager I was to get a shoe in in Hong Kong.  I jumped at the chance.  A couple months after that I was invited back to edit again, only this time Jade got incredibly sick and I had to take over her trial as the official court reporter in Hong Kong High Court.  They wear white wigs and black robes and it’s all incredibly formal, incredibly British, and incredibly realtime.  I had hardly ever done realtime in my life.  Thankfully it went well, and I ended up working on that trial for another couple weeks.  A kind of long story cut short, I ended up staying for six weeks that trip and then was invited back to live, and I made the move on February 10, 2014.  The rest is dumpling-filled history!

Some photos from that first trip of mine in 2013.

In addition to work in Hong Kong, I also travel all over Asia for arbitrations and depositions.  I’ve been to mainland China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, and India.  I think that’s it!  If I had to choose a favorite, I’d say Japan.  I’ve been probably 15 times and I never tire of picking a random neighborhood and walking around staring at everything.  And eating ramen and sushi every day of my life.  I swear I come back 20 pounds heavier every Japan trip.  I regret nothing!

It’s really hard to pick just a few photos since I’ve been in Asia for four years (with one surprise trip to England when our London office was slammed) so here’s, like, a million.  You can tell which country I’m in by what kind of beer I’m drinking LOL.

I guess I should say, for those of you who don’t know me, Stullnography is a mix of my last name and stenography.  The world’s first Stullnographer!  And as I remember, I almost got arrested for those business cards.  (Any Arrested Development fans?  I apologize in advance for any and all Arrested Development jokes, for there will be a lot. )


Hopefully I haven’t “made a huge mistake.”  Thank you for reading!  Please feel free to comment about things you’d like me to write about!  I’ll just be flailing around for a while until I get my footing 🙂

7 thoughts on “The Stullnographer: a breakdown

  1. You’re endlessly hilarious – so, definitely following! xx
    (I don’t actually know how you “follow” things, I’m assuming it will pop on Facebook…? – okay, I’ll just let you let me know)

  2. Thanks for this! You’re right up there with Jade King on my list!
    -a first year reporter dying to go overseas like right now

  3. I remember when Jade got sick and you had to cover! That was so crazy. Glad you were there and of course glad Jade got through it. Hope to visit you soon and looking forward to the blog posts. #stullnotravels

  4. Apart from still being alive, you’re definitely the second-best outcome of that Mongolia-caused hospitalisation! Treasure our first case about North Korean tapware, and the countless memories since. About bloody time m’lady.
    Room service forever,

  5. Okay. I’m obsessed with you & don’t even know you!

    ❤️ A 10-year, freelance, “Cleveland-based” (BORing) reporter who would die for the opportunity to work internationally! How? Where? When?

    (Can my kids grow up already so I can move on with my life? Ugh!)

    KIDDING!!!! Kinda 😉 I love them dearly, seriously 😂

    1. Thank you so much!! There is plenty of work here, but the hours are L-O-N-G, the work is hard, and so it’s not for everyone, but it’s here! Do you do realtime? You’ve motivated me to post again, I started this blog and then got bored talking about myself after two or three posts LOL.

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