Taiwanna tell ya about my week so far

It’s very common for depositions to cancel last minute.  The problem is that in international reporting, instead of maybe getting a phone call while you’re still home, or at the very worst having arrived to the job a car ride away, I’ve packed my life plus seven ipads, a steno machine, two laptops, gone through immigration, taken a plane, gone through immigration and customs, taken a taxi, checked into a hotel, and then found out … yes, the job has canceled.  It doesn’t happen as often, but it still does!


FACT:  I will ALWAYS watch Arrested Devleopment on a plane, drink white wine, and laugh loud enough that I’m probably “that girl” on the flight.  We all have our cross to bear.

I arrived in Taipei early enough that I walked to the night market.  I just had food poisoning in late December so I’m majorly stomach shy.  I stuck with a good ol’ roasted corn on the cob.  I love Taiwanese food in moderation, but everything tastes like it has cinnamon in it.  I don’t know what that flavor ACTUALLY is, but even this corn had it.  I’m not into it, folks.  It looked nice, though?IMG_5724

I am still getting a hang of this whole blog thing so I forgot to take many pictures, except this one.  You really don’t need a sign advertising stinky tofu.  You can smell it from three blocks away lolz.


I got up at 6:30 a.m. and had a subpar breakfast at the hotel.  Asian breakfast buffets are, well, not exactly palatable to an American.  They eat lots of vegetables and soup and things for breakfast.  I’m more of a sourdough-toast-egg-over-easy kinda gal, but I’ve been at this for four years so I know how to make it work!  I’ll spare you the picture of my soupy scrambled eggs.

Shortly after that I learned that my job for the week had canceled.  B U M M E R.  But, that’s how this career I’ve chosen is, so no use getting angry over spilt depos.  Or something.  The weather is FABULOUS here today so I took the opportunity to take a long walk around.

In a change of plans, I’m heading to Singapore tomorrow to work in court for a week or two.  I haven’t been there in a year or so, so I’m actually looking forward to it!  If you’re not aware, Singapore has the same weather practically 365 days of the year: Sunny.  The hotel I stay at it right next to a large street filled with restaurants and bars, lush greenery, and a river.  If the work wasn’t so incredibly hard there, I’d call it paradise!

I’ll be there for quite a while, though, and I’m gonna need to buy some more underwear.  I’ll spare you that photo as well.

Have a great week!

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